Our great team of experts, made up of professionals in moving, is available to make sure that the move of a private individual or a company takes place without mishaps. When it comes to moving, you already have enough thoughts and you should not take care of the transport logistics of your goods from A to B. Our qualified specialists are trained to handle fragile and valuable items, and to assemble or disassemble entire units. We meet customers to discuss their moving needs, providing complete advice and a detailed estimate, all for free.

Office Removals

When you relocate your business, you deserve a reliable partner who can do the job efficiently and meticulously. Our moving specialists are trained to manage the entire planning, organisation and execution of your company move. We will transfer any part of your company, from documents to the office equipment, ensuring everything is safe and secure.

To start the process, we will meet the client in order to assess the current and future situation. Therefore, we will submit a complete quote for all the services our team is ready to lend you.

Below are the services we offer:

We are a dynamic team with many years of experience and this has allowed us to win the trust of customers also of a wider user base than that of St Ives Chase, if therefore the destination of your move is in other your own state, contact us and you will find us ready!

Our services include every phase of your move, so that at one time you have solved the problems of disassembly, packaging and transport: we take care of everything, with the utmost care for every detail.

As a privileged partner we will get familiar with your office, its particularities and make the necessary assessments to bring you advice and solutions tailored to your situation. We are always looking to develop personalised relationships with you and expect a long lasting partnership. Our missions are systematically adapted to our customers: each company is unique and has its own operation. We must customise our missions to meet your expectations as a business leader. In addition to personalising the relationship with our customers, we develop personalised expert services and advice. It is a real motivation for our team to set up its services and to have noticed the results.